Within any building, no matter whether it is located inside a perimeter barrier or is a part of the perimeter wall, it is necessary to consider the need to protect against the internal thief as well as the potential intruder. Whereas the boundary fence is primarily designed to keep out unwanted visitors (not altogether forgetting its function in the "control of movement of authorized personnel), interior security must provide some pro- tection against the free movement of employees and others bent on pilferage as well as establishing a second line of defense against the unannounced intruder.

A professional officer acts not only as a deterrent against crime, but as your security representative. Beyond reducing crime and mitigating liability, the presence of a security officer promotes security awareness to all who enter your property. An increased feeling of personal security helps to create a more positive and productive atmosphere. Whether long-term or short-term, uniformed or plain-clothes, armed or unarmed, CO.P.S.S offers an on-site security officer that meets your needs.
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