C.O.P.S.S's primary objective is to serve you and our community better. We provide specialized units including:

- School/Campus Security
- Motorcycle or All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) units
- Private Investigations
- Public Process Services (such as Summons Servicing)
- Specialized Units for Missing and Exploited Children Searches
- Bail Enforcement
- Executive Protection

Our company is very sensitive when it comes to missing and exploited children, abused senior citizens, and domestic violence victims. Because we care, our officers will have the latest training in the ability protect found missing or exploited children and those who are lured into occult activities or prostitution from the ones that put them in those situations. We will strive to search for kidnapped or captivated children, and strive to help prosecute all offenders involved.

Specialized Units
​Too many children in our nation are abused each and every day by their parents or strangers. So many offenders get away with hurting wonderful little angels like these. It's time we stood up and did something about it, and stop just saying we are! We have deep feelings about this, and this company will strive to do something about it. 

YES, we are different, but we want you to know that with C.O.P.S.S., you get protection with heart. We hope you feel the same way about missing or exploited children, but we wanted you to know that we will do what it takes to help those who are crying out for help! We hope that together, we can prevent this from happening in the future..

Colorado Professional Security Services